Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant -  Wikipedia,  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission  

Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant - Wikipedia, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission 

Maine Yankee

Located in Wiscasset, Maine and was owned by the Maine Yankee Power Company.

  • Commissioned- 1972
  • Shut Down- 1996
  • Decommissioned- 2005

Maine Yankee was one of the earliest nuclear power plants built and dismantled. The industry wanted to demonstrate power plants could be returned to a green field clean state.

Maine Yankee Community Advisory Panel

The Maine Yankee CAP was fully active during the decommissioning of the plant. However, the CAP still remains active and has annual meetings to get updates on the site and the stored waste. Here is their CAP charter:


To find out current updates on the site, or get public information on the spent fuel storage/removal, and a decommissioning overview visit the Maine Yankee website here:

Additional Resources:

The Maine Yankee CAP published a "lessons learned" article on accomplishments, and advice they have for future CAPs. Read the full article if you are feeling up to it here: